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Do you know anything about being a pilot in the Corps? It's my life long dream to fly and I just want to know a little more on the lifestyle too

Yes! If you would like to fly planes for the Marine Corps you need to be a commissioned officer. So obtain a bachelors degree and finish OCS and if you receive the Aviation MOS you go to TBS for further training. The aviation field is a great community it is also known as one of the “calmer” jobs. Although being an officer is demanding because you lead Marines. If you would like to know more just go to

More information about the United States Marine Corps

I am a Marine that is home right now helping out my recruiting station. For anyone who is interested or would like more information about the Marines, contact me and I will be more than happy to talk to you about the process from enlisting to boot camp and the lifestyle that we live daily. This is an offer for everyone! not just the ones who have a military background or know someone who is in the military but also for those who do not know what the military offers and how it can benefit them especially during today’s economy. Inbox me if you would like to know more! Thank you

- PFC. Sarmiento


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Marine Corps Military Free Fall Instructors assigned to Marine Detachment — Fort Bragg, release the ashes of Sgt. Brett Jaffe (1971-2012), a Marine rigger, above Phillips Drop Zone at Yuma Proving Grounds, Ariz., on July 26, 2012. “It was an honor and privilege to take this Marine on his last jump and give him a proper hail and farewell,” said Staff Sgt. Marty Rhett.Marines in photo (clockwise, starting with the flag): Gunnery Sgt. Brian Boger, Gunnery Sgt. Mike Latham, Gunnery Sgt. Jimmy Smith, Staff Sgt. Lennie Castro, Staff Sgt. Seth Wright, Staff Sgt. Marty Rhett.(Marine Corps photo by Air Force Staff Sgt. Johnny Gunn)


Ok MARSOC not bad not bad at all.


Audi RS6
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Porsche 918 Spyder
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R8 V8 TT


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A Bundeswehr soldier with his G36C.

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